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We are an API-first product that enables companies to programmatically automate their social media posts. Companies can skip the social network approval processes and build time to be posting within minutes.

October 29, 2021 Pinterest API & Facebook Groups API on Ayrshare

For a while now we've been asked about Facebook Groups API and Pinterest API access via Ayrshare...well, the excuses are done, because as of today the are now available.

With the Pinterest API integration, you can create new pins on your Pinterest boards and retrieve engagement analytics. Some users live on Pinterest, so this is a powerful engagement platform to share your content. If you want to see example of how to use the Pinterest API, click the above link.

With the Facebook Groups API integration, you can post images or videos to a FB group you own and also retrieve post analytics. Groups are wonderful to start conversations with your users.

There is more to come!

Side note, doesn't the Pinterest icon look like the Peloton logo?


September 10, 2021 What's New in Ayrshare - August 2021

Ayrshare What is New

Get More Detailed Analytics Data

New data sets are now available at the social network level, such as a Facebook Page or Instagram Account. Get the number of followers, username, and more.

Learn more in the docs.

RSS Posting Is Better Than Ever

Automated RSS Feed posting, including Substack, now supports posting to Instagram. The RSS Feed endpoint also now allows you to automatically add hashtags and post the image from your article.

Learn more in the docs.

The Node.js NPM Package Has Been Updated

Check out version 1.0.18 here.

Social Media API NPM


Upcoming API Changes

On October 1, 2021, the History endpoint will change with several return field names changing and UTC time additions in the response.

Read more in the docs.


Some Recent Articles

Top 7 Social Login APIs For 2021

Social login is a way to use the authentication and security of someone’s social network account to make it easier to log in to other sites, like your own app. You can integrate directly with the social networks or use an integrated social login API solution.

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Twitter Launches Spaces API for Live Audio Conversations

Twitter has updated their API V2 with Spaces lookup and discovery API endpoints for live audio conversations. Twitter hopes the launch of the Spaces API with live audio conversations will spark 3rd party app integrations and innovations that popularize Spaces.

Read the article

July 30, 2021 Our First Marketing Video: How We Made It

We've previously made several videos, but they have always been developer focused, meaning we open up Visual Studio Code and show how to implement our Social Media API.

For a while we've want to create a general marketing overview of what Ayrshare's APIs do. We investigated a 3rd party to create animations, narrate, and score the video, but we weren't happy with anyone we found in our price range.

So, my co-founder create one. Luckily, he has been dabbling in video editing and the results looks, well, see for yourself below.

What we used to create the video:

  • Camtasia for Animations: a great tool to edit videos, animate, and more.
  • Google Text to Speech (TTS): If you haven't tried out TTS, it is absolutely amazing. You can choose dozen of different accents to speak your text, and the inflects and output is close to perfect for show text.
  • Envato Elements for Graphics and Music: A good repository of vector graphics, music, website templates, etc.

The video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XK4V26hWUuE

June 28, 2021 A What's New 🚀 Page to Engage On-the-Fence Users

We've been doing two things the past few months: supporting users and building features they ask for - we've stopped building what we "think" our users want and now just build what they actually want.

During that time, we've done a poor job of announcing the cool new features and capabilities to all our sign up users. We've honestly been focusing on our paid users, taking special care to personally notify them of changes they requested.

We finally created a nice announcement email with a link to our What New for 2021 🚀 page in our docs and set it out to all our sign up users (paid and not paid). We try to keep emails to a minimum since we don't like it when companies send us too many emails.

Wow! I didn't expect the level of positive feedback.

We got comments like:

I've been waiting for [this] feature, how do I sign up?
You guys have been busy. When will [this feature] be available?

While it seems obvious in hindsight, there were many non-paid users who were on the fence and seeing all the great new things or features they were waiting for was the turning point. We got several new conversion both on our standard and business level plans.

So the lesson learned is don't forget about spreading the word about all the amazing things being created.

You can find out more about Ayrshare and our social media APIs at our site.

May 19, 2021 Promote a Tweet

You can now promote Tweets as Ads via Ayrshare.

A bunch of users requested promoting Tweets. After posting to social media networks via our API, users wanted to make an ad out of the Tweet - currently they were manually creating ads and were not happy about it.

We've already integrated 8 different social media networks, including Twitter so we said, "no problem". Well, it turned out to be a problem.

Some social networks require hoops, demos, and verifications to be approved. We thought YouTube was the most difficult; a stickler for following their branding guidelines.

Well, Twitter Ads approval was a different animal. Not only did we need to first build the integration, write up a proposal, and demo, but also needed testimonials from users who have spent $5K on ads. That is always tricky because you're asking real users a big favor: change your workflow and try out this not yet approved system.

Luckily, we have several fan users who didn't mind the extra work and were willing to try the new ads system and give a testimonial. We demoed the ads capabilities on a Zoom call with Twitter , gave the testimonials, and it was a hit. The Twitter team was nice as can be and extremely helpful. Two days after the meeting we were approved.

So after a few months of work, we're happy to announce Promote Tweets is live:


April 12, 2021 TikTok - We Don't Stop

I can't stress enough how important it is to listen to you users.

About 1/2 of our capabilities have been from user requests. Instead of "guessing" if your users need a new feature and finding out after the build they don't, a user request, or multiple user requests, lets you know the need is truly there!

We've had many of our users request TikTok posting, especially from businesses that focus on video creation. The number of requests significantly increased after we began offering YouTube and Instagram video posting.

We're happy to now offer early access of TikTok video posting:


It is exciting to bring these new integrations to our users - with many more on the way.

If you're interested in posting to TikTok via Ayrshare, give us a shout.

March 13, 2021 Ayrshare Supports Instagram Direct Posting

Oh boy, was this a user demanded feature; almost every user conversation came around to posting to Instagram...and our previously solution was less than ideal.

For the longest time Instagram had shut down their API to new partners - I'm taking years. This meant we couldn't directly post to Instagram, but for our users this was a MUST HAVE!

As a work around we became a Zapier partner and had a zap template that allowed our users to connect Zapier to us, Ayrshare. After the connection was in place our users could use our API to post to Instagram, and on the backend we created an async connection to Zapier that connected to Instagram. And only images were supported.

Not only was the process convoluted, asynchronous (errors were hard to capture), but users need to create a "free" Zapier account and were limited to 100 Instagram posts a month. As you can imagine, this didn't sit well with anyone.

On January 26th, 2021 Facebook opened access with the (Instagram Content Publishing API](https://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/2021/01/26/introducing-instagram-content-publishing-api/).

Since we already had spent a lot of time building the Facebook Graph API integration, it was fairly quickly to for us to build the new Instagram API integration. And after over a month of review with Facebook, we were approved!

What does this mean for our users?

  • No more 3rd party integrations, i.e. Zapier. You and your users have a simpler set-up process, faster posting, and better status reporting.
  • The posting limit increased significantly. Previous, you were only able to post 100 images a month. Now you can post upward of 750 a month, including videos.
  • And speaking of videos, you can now post videos with the new Instagram integration.

Here is an article giving more details.


February 25, 2021 Upload videos to YouTube via our API

Today we just announced a new offering: Uploading a video to YouTube via Ayrshare' API.

Why is this a milestone? Well, the effort to get YouTube approval was a long one. Of all the social networks, YouTube was the most detailed in their audit, but also their team was amazing. You actually interacted with real people to help you through the process.

Getting YouTube approval requires:

  • OAuth credential approval for the particular scope you need access to.
  • An increased quota.

OAuth Approval

  1. In the Google Console under API, you need to add the YouTube v3 access.
  2. Once access has been granted in Dev, you need to built a test app with the appropriate scopes. If you want to just upload, you'll need the scope: https://www.googleapis.com/auth/youtube.upload
  3. After you build your test app, record a screencast of how the scope is used in your app.
  4. Fill out the forms, give a test account, and upload the screencast.

And that is round #1. You'll need to verify your domain, fix YouTube branding issues (always YouTube and never Youtube), and do more detailed write ups on how you'll use the scope. We went through about 10 rounds, but you're experience might vary.

Quota Increase

By default, YouTube gives you 10,000 daily credits. This translates to about 6 video uploads a day, which is fine for a single company, but not if you have a platform with multiple clients.

You'll want to increase the quota significantly. In the Google Console ->API you can request a quota increase. Essentially it is the same process as above with a different team - screencasts, documents to complete, etc.

We're glad the process is done and so excited that our users can now post videos via our API. Check out this article for more info:


January 28, 2021 Airtable Guide for Posting to Social Media

If you've been following our travels, you know we're big fans of creating packages and integration guides. It has been an amazing way to spread the word about Ayrshare - an API to post to social media. If you're building an API service or platform, we highly recommend engaging the development community where they spend their time. About 1/3 of our traffic comes from NPM.

So far we've released packages for Node.js, Python, and a Bubble Plugin. Today we are releasing an Airtable Automation Script integration guide. This guide comes from working with one of our users who had built their entire platform on Airtable and needed a way to post to multiple client's social media accounts.

Check out the Airtable Social Media Integration overview and guide here: https://www.ayrshare.com/integration-with-airtable/

December 21, 2020 Released a Bubble.io Plugin for Social Media

We've been getting a lot of demand for integrations, such as NPM - Node.js and PyPI - Python. These have been great growth drivers for Ayrshare. If you have an API based company, I highly recommend investing time in building packages/modules.

Recently, a user requested an Bubble.io Plugin integration. Bubble is a no-code tool.

We've played around with Bubble before and even built some demo sites, so after reacquainting ourselves with Bubble, we were able to spin up an API Plugin that allows creators to post to multiple social media networks right from the Bubble.io app. Overall, we found it pretty easy to set up and Bubble is a great no-code tool.

Here is an article on Integrating Social Media with Bubble.io and at the end is a video.


We are an API-first product that enables companies to programmatically automate their social media posts. Companies can skip the social network approval processes and build time to be posting within minutes.