December 27, 2019

500 Single use saved & 3 paying clients by Jan 20

Oriol Segarra @oriol04

After 3 months of trialling our reusable packaging system in Barcelona and more than 500 single use packaging avoided we are moving into a new phase in Bumerang:

  • Entering co-founder who will lead Operations
  • 2 MVp clients are not continuing but 2 new clients are jumping in shifting completely to my system and becoming the first paying clients fo Bumerang. Putting Bumerang in 935€/month
  • Launching a smart tracking system with a NFC card and a cloud platform that enables tracking each interaction.
  • Incorporating the company in january.
  • Lending some money from family and friends to finance the purchase of new packaging from suppliers and buying a cleaning machine.

Next steps:

  • Nailing operations with the two new clients. We are increasing daily volumes by 15x and it's going to be a challenge.

  • Increasing sales on big accounts to make profitability faster but also with smaller businesses to expand the points where you can use Bumerang and increase capilarisation.

  • Find HQ and washing machine.

  • Create a financial roadmap to know the financial needs to continue growing and becoming profitable.

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