November 7, 2019

Alpha version is ready!

Sasha 🐑💨 Koss @kossnocorp

I've finished an alpha version that contains the core functionality, but it's still not a product that I can share with the world. After the initial user testing, I realized that the activation step where users integrate Backup Fire into their project is complicated, so I worked hard on making it as smooth as possible and filled it with helpful information and hints. I'm afraid that this step will be the bottleneck, but there's nothing I can do at the moment to make it easier.

Now I'm ready to turn it into product and start closed beta testing. The next step is to create a basic landing page that would explain how the service works. After that, I'm planning to start making Zoom calls with interested people and observe how they integrate the product and help them when necessary. I already have one interested dev that contacted me proactively and agreed to make such a session. I think it's a good sign!

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