November 3, 2019

Idea and concept of the app

Artem Lanin @artemlanin

How do you track Assets, Liabilities and Net worth?

Personally I used google spreadsheet to track my Net Worth for years, but wanted to get something simple with graphs and available on mobile. After researching I didn't find anything user-friendly and simple + I didn't want the app to be connected with my bank account for security reason and because not all of the assets are in bank. Some of apps did something similar but didn't have support multiply currencies, which is also an important feature for me since I love to travel and I have accounts in different currencies.

So I decided to create mobile application for tracking Net Worth the simplest as it can be but with informative statistic of Net Worth changes with stylish design and ability to customize charts as you want. For me is important to track balances for 2 accounts together out of 10 and 10 out of 10 to know my total net worth.

This was the starting point of the BalanceViewer.