December 17, 2019

Added to Indie Hackers

Alex Vipond @alexvipond

Been working on Baleada for a little over a year!

It started as a library of renderless Vue components after I worked through Adam Wathan's Advanced Vue Component design course, but it's evolved quite a bit in the last year.

With the arrival of React hooks and the Vue composition API, I decided to ditch the renderless component idea and rewrite everything as hooks/composition functions.

That rewrite has involved nailing down an extremely specific API design for Baleada, adding and removing all kinds of different tools from Baleada's scope, rolling my own full-featured, Baleada-powered documentation site, and finally getting diligent about publishing my code instead of copy/pasting it between different projects.

The next stage of Baleada is going to be less about coding and more about documentation, branding, and real-world demonstrations of its advantages. Adding it as a product on Indie Hackers is one of my first steps in that direction.

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