August 12, 2019

New cleaner look for Bali Buzz

Joe Bloom @joebloom

I'm constantly tweaking the site, and doing so from the feedback of users.

In the past I would often think "I know best" when it came to the user experience. "I know how I'd want it to be" so I'd just go with that.

But in having being really transparent about this thing I'm building, and putting in the hands of people and asking very direct questions like "What don't you like about it?" and even more specifically, noticing things they say that have more insight and asking them to expand on specific points. This is where the gold has lied so far.

Not getting too protective over your idea and letting your ego ride the design and usability of your site, instead just asking people what they think and slowly but surely iterating from that.

The first version of my site people said it was a useful idea, but thinking back (even just a couple weeks ago) the user experience sucked! It needed a key/explanation to the rating system, and people didn't understand it. Now it's almost entirely self-explanatory, and super easy to pickup immediately and use (if I do say so myself).

The design of the site was mashed together, too. But that's not a bad thing at the start, it was as MVP as it could get. Just basic bold colours. I've updated the site today to have a pretty background on the hero header, removed the crappy logo, and added category names to each category alongside emoji.

I don't want to allow myself to get too obsessed over the design, though. Only if I get feedback that the experience is poor, then I'll tweak it so it's better. But I can often get caught up in the design of a site, and lose focus on actually getting people using it.

So here's me telling myself: focus on useful content and promoting it/getting people using it.

How am I doing that? Talking a lot about the site and being useful and providing value to others.

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