August 13, 2019

New unique visits high!

Joe Bloom @joebloom

Consistent effort drives consistent results. The traffic for Bali Buzz is increasing further, as I am coming up with new ways to reach people in my already existing network and then how to outreach to new potential users too.

On this day I sent out a newsletter to my personal email list, which includes people interested in my personal life as well as the projects I work on. I continue to be active on IE and in communities, and on /r/bali when there is questions on there I can participate in.

Interestingly a chunk of traffic is coming through Twitter right now, and I guess that must be because alongside posting here on IH I've been sharing development updates on there too.

Utilising this total transparency of working I think it is just peaking interest of people generally, which is increasing my traffic. This is great as until I've found my direct audience and know when and where to get them, eyes on the site and feedback is really useful.

The previous high was 60 unique users, we've now smashed that with 100 unique users!

Keep working, keep consistency, keep motivation, keep building and iterating - and the results should come.

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