November 14, 2019

Refreshed the Bali Buzz website and vision

Joe Bloom @joebloom

After a lot of recent thought and pondering, I've come to a good place about the direction I want to take this idea.

Now the Bali Buzz "brand" will be spread across three main areas:

With that in mind the app was created to provide Bali nomads a recommended spots resource as a useful tool for their day-to-day. The website has been revamped with a fresh look including content for living nomadically in Bali with free advice. The website will soon also feature a series of interviews with Bali nomads.

The interviews scratches an itch I have had for a while, to answer this question: "What is it about entrepreneurial/nomadic people that makes them want to live this lifestyle?" - focusing on mindset and practical advice for making it happen for anyone who wants to take the dive into a freedom lifestyle.

With the app, the free advice, the interviews with inspiring people, it all funnels into building a community. A community of A) bali digital nomads and B) aspiring digital nomads

In the near future I hope to work more on building out this community through interviews, live talks and even apparel to bring together people who share this passion for freedom living.

So much more to come and feeling inspired.

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