August 12, 2019

Setup an email capture offering

Joe Bloom @joebloom

In order to start setting up for the future potential of this site, I wanted to start capturing emails from my users.

The biz potential for the site set out as an affiliation engine. But I think there is likely more expansive potential in a premium or membership offering from the site in the future.

In this way I can focus on building something really useful that people keep coming back to, and offer additional premium features when that becomes possible - and have a list of fans ready to be contacted when that comes around.

So within a few hours I wrote up a carrot offering, a guide to Bali, and added an email capture section to the site. It's linked twice in the header, too, to make sure people notice it.

Upon entry it fires off an automated email to the user, linking them to the Gumroad download page where they can pay what they want, or just get the guide for free.

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