January 7, 2020

Starting from 13 users

Richard Chu @richardchu

I am currently in the process of launching my startup and marketing it in order to get more users.

I've realized that launching is not a big bang event. It's a continuous process that requires a lot of hard work -- from posting your startup on different websites, to getting the right users to download your product. Just getting people to notice what you have built is a struggle in and of itself.

I currently have 13 users, most of which are my friends and family. It's hard to extend beyond this initial group of users and get people who don't know you to download and use your product!

If anyone has any tips in order to get my product in front of more eyes, I'd love to exchange thoughts here.

I'm making Banter, which is a mobile app that lets you talk to your friends and family through video messages -- helping you stay connected with the people you care about. Check it out here: https://getbanter.io/

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