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Videos Are Great for Getting Attention Online. But What if You Could Create Them in Minutes without Any Video Skills? Now You Can! Create AI-generated videos with realistic human voices and faces.

August 13, 2021 Shipped the product!

We promised to deliver Basch's product in 2 months.

But we are shipping it now, after just 1 month.


the believers ( The people who bought our pre-booking lifetime deal ) were sooo happy to receive it!

have a look at these tweets from our early customers!

July 28, 2021 Talking to people and Change to

While Digvijay was developing the product, we started talking to users ( People who bought believer's deal)

The amount of clarity this has given me is insane!

No, this will not give you some shortcut or market insight that no one has. But you can expect to learn these things:

  • What people actually want?
  • What is their pain point?
  • How is your product helping them in Health/Wealth/Relationship measures?
  • What features do you need to eradicate these points
  • And most importantly, it helps you position your brand and write awesome and converting copies!

We have also shifted the domain from to

July 10, 2021 Acquired $1500 and 30 customers!

We acquired 30 Users, $1500, without even delivering the final product, all in MVP!

And all within 15 hours of launch!

We kept an irresistible deal for early believers of Basch. $49 for lifetime access to Basch and opened it only for 30 people.

We did a minor pivot from the older model. Because we didn't want to end up in the same circumstance of too many people on the waitlist but not delivering something valuable to them.

Signups are not validation.
The only validation is people who are ready to pay you.

and that's what we did

And besides that:

  • We went viral, 50k tweet impressions!
  • All 30 deals sold out in 15 hours of launch!
  • We got yet 5 VC offers!

Have a look at the launch video:

July 1, 2021 Our First Paying Customer!

Yaaayyyy!! We got our first paying customer! And we haven't released it in public yet (We are still in Beta)!

Our First $350 ARR!

A man approached us on LinkedIn and said that he wanted to use our product. We agreed and now we have our first paying customer!

Lesson: Shamelessly promote yourself, you never know where the next opportunity lies!

June 30, 2021 Some Updates

Waiting list size: 300+

We rejected 4 funding offers:
Mainly because VCs and angels wanted us to work full time and make it a Unicorn, but our aim was a sustainable side-project. We are still eager to raise funds only if it's on good terms and they don't want us to drop out!

We rejected an acquisition offer:
because the company that wanted to acquire us was very weird and didn't know a thing about AI. They were acquiring us just for sake of acquiring an AI company.

We are working on something really really cool! It Will roll out in a few Days

May 30, 2021 Onboarding & Iteration

The MVP was almost ready and now it was time to figure out the pain points that we can solve and position our Brand around It.

I and Reshav were going on calls with Industry Experts from different backgrounds ( i.e Ecommerce, Ad agencies, Sales guys, Course Instructors, Animators etc. ) to figure out the best use case that our product tackles. We also started Iterating the product on the feedback from Beta users!

Btw, onboarded each user personally!
~70 Calls!!

April 24, 2021 Figuring stuff

While Digvijay figuring the Tech, I was applying to a lot of B-plan competitions, getting Free AWS credits, getting other Credits, figuring out a lot of stuff.

It was a really confusing time period + On top of it we got offers from 2 VCs, so we were going on frequent calls with them, making pitches and figuring out a lot of stuff!

March 24, 2021 Test Launch!

We figured the tech.
Made the logo.
Made the website. ( )
Made the video.
and Launch!!
( All within 6 days of coming up with the Idea)

We were blown by the response! Everyone was tweeting about us! Even the Co-founder of Rephrase, Shivam Mangla (Forbes 30 under 30) praised us and tweeted about us! After receiving so many signups and awesome responses from the tech Twitter and Indie hackers community we decided to start developing the product

the launch was amazing!

3k+ Views
150+ signups
10+ mails
100+ Notifications

March 19, 2021 The Idea!

I (Viraj chhajed ) and Digvijay Rathore and Reshav Pandey were exploring interesting stuff about AI, SaaS and Build-In-Public trend. We wanted to build something cool and came across this interesting domain of synthetic media and they decided to create something valuable in this emerging domain. We quickly did a smokescreen MVP launch within 6 days of coming up with the Idea.


Videos Are Great for Getting Attention Online. But What if You Could Create Them in Minutes without Any Video Skills? Now You Can! Create AI-generated videos with realistic human voices and faces.