February 22, 2020

Finished MVP

Marius @jaymz

It took 3 moths to get here.

I started focusing full time on this in December. Had to quit my job because as a Project Manager I was busy 200%, and traveling to customers often. When I was home, in my 30 mins of free time, I wanted to spend some quality time with the kids, so no spare time to work on the idea.
But after setting up my finances through the year, and some investments paying up, I finally had a viable plan to quit my job and start the work. It was a risk, and I would not recommend this to anyone if they did not plan this through from the beginning, especially if you have a family and kids.

I knew I wanted to build a better product than what I found on the market, with 3 main goals in mind: simple, fast and beautiful.
Now I am here and will start gathering some feedback.

I know that at this time I don't have the most complete product in the world, I had to focus only on a handful of features to make this happen. But I also know that I can grow it further, and I am very excited to see what lays ahead.

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