December 2, 2020

Released Baserow 0.6.0 - Airtable alternative

Bram @bramw

Version 0.6.0 of Baserow has just been released with the anticipated file field. It's now possible to upload images, documents and other files directly from your computer or via a URL to the cell of a file field. You can simply drag and drop the files into the cell or use the file upload modal to choose which files you want to upload. We have also introduced an enlarged file view if you want to take a more detailed look. This release also contains bug fixes and other changes.

More information about this release:
Try it out at:

Baserow screenshot file field

About Baserow

Baserow is an open source online database tool and Airtable alternative. It's released under the MIT license. Feel free to checkout the repository at or try out the tool at

  • MIT License
  • Unlimited rows
  • Uses PostgreSQL, Django and Nuxt
  • Can be self hosted
  • Supports plugins
  • And lots of other features...
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    Hey @bramw it's an interesting time you are building Baserow with all the no-code movement starting to pick up momentum and catch the eyes of the industry.

    May I know what triggered you to start building Baserow?

    You could market Baserow to No-code makers, there is a slack channel for No Code Founders which is very active and receptive to no-code tools.

    1. 2

      I noticed a lot of people asking for good open source no-code tools. I also really like how Airtable works, but a SaaS only tool has its limitations. There are lots of successful open source companies, like for example GitLab and Sentry, out there. So that is when the idea for Baserow was born. It started as a side project, but now I am working almost full time on it.

      I will look into the No Code Founders, that is very good idea, thanks!

      1. 1

        It's a very interesting angle you mention about GitLan and Sentry being open source and successful.

        You are also right about users having limitations when using SaaS products. Baserow could very well make a big impact being open source. Wish you all the best with the project. The no-code market would love to use Baserow when you show them how it's easier to more useful than Airtable.

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    Very exciting progress! I recommend anyone who uses Airtable check this out.

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