September 18, 2019

Featured in STAT news!


My biotech startup database was featured in STAT's daily newswrap today! STAT is one of the most popular niche news companies for biotech.

Yesterday I posted a twitter thread (inspired by Harry Dry) with some takeaways and charts from the database, and one of the reporters from STAT retweeted it. Today they did a writeup on it!

Overall the traffic was pretty low -- just about 100 people so far at 8 am PT. Got a few more newsletter signups but overall this was probably more of a nice ego boost than a material business event. Several journalists have signed up for my mailing list or follow me on twitter, so I think I should repackage some of my content and tools for them so they can fact-check and get context for stories. Not a huge market -- there are maybe a dozen biotech reporters at major publications -- but could get a bit of revenue, some nice backlinks and start building relationships.

Today's Top Milestones
  • Delete a user account for the first time😣
    I sent a notification email to users and one of them DMed me on Twitter, saying he wants to be removed from AskMakers… Ouch! My heart got bumped a bit
  • Started something new!
    Hi Indie Hackers! Like many of you, I've read the super interesting [post](
  • Finished MVP Launched on
    After looking at my case study for gumroad. People asked me create a service that needs complete redesign their websites. I created a bunch of example
  • First $100 in Ad Sales
    Just last night I closed 2 ad spots for at $50 each. Both were for remote tech roles for a global audience. I recently added a
  • Created a demo Weather Widget
    I built the first of hopefully many demo widgets over the weekend to show what's possible with sheet2api. This one takes a spreadsheet which has been
  • #1 on Product Hunt
    Just launched Insatus on Product Hunt and I'm currently at # 1 5 reasons for being #1 : - Asked Chris Messina to hunt it, so I'm sure it gets featured
  • Customer-Product Discovery
    Active Potential First Customer Reachout. Built Reachout TypeForms. We will network, validate, pivot, explore and come up with the first basic set of
  • Hello World
    Earlier this year I published Email Kit, a flexible design system of guidelines, elements, components, templates and content packs that allow you to c
  • Added Markdown editing
    I've wanted to make the creation of letters simple & quick with megaletter, and over the past couple of months experimented with a variety of plugins
  • Launching Today! Find places to eat cheap!
    My wife and I are super excited to launch DailyEatz an online deal platform! We’re here to save you time and money when it comes to eating out. Our ne