Featured in STAT news!

My biotech startup database was featured in STAT's daily newswrap today! STAT is one of the most popular niche news companies for biotech.


Yesterday I posted a twitter thread (inspired by Harry Dry) with some takeaways and charts from the database, and one of the reporters from STAT retweeted it. Today they did a writeup on it!

Overall the traffic was pretty low -- just about 100 people so far at 8 am PT. Got a few more newsletter signups but overall this was probably more of a nice ego boost than a material business event. Several journalists have signed up for my mailing list or follow me on twitter, so I think I should repackage some of my content and tools for them so they can fact-check and get context for stories. Not a huge market -- there are maybe a dozen biotech reporters at major publications -- but could get a bit of revenue, some nice backlinks and start building relationships.

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