September 9, 2019

Finished MVP

Lizzy Trelstad @LT_Beaker

Turned my internal protocols for ingredient list digestion and automatic formula analysis into a freemium chatbot that interacts with consumers to find the perfect face wash for them!

After sitting for MONTHS on a consumer chemicals database I was proud to have built, but scared to pick a direction of "deployment" for, I finally picked one example application. And just did it. I gave myself 1 week to design sprint and launch. The next day, I demo'd the bot to my founder friends. I learned more about my business and what I want to do with it in the 1 week design sprint + 1 hour pitch & feedback than I did in the 3 months spent thinking about what to do!

I realized the limitations of "having time to think," and realized the huge advantages to starting small.

In the two months since I've taken a similar strategy, and only focus on tasks that can be done in either a single day or a single week, and that force some sort of progress. I now use Friday-Sunday to reflect, relax, and do visionary & strategy thinking. This balance and simple shift in mentality learned during my MVP build was a crucial lesson in what it takes to move forward as a solo founder.

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