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Stop using spreadsheets to keep track of your investments

August 24, 2021 Got 50+ new beta users

Last week, I posted randomly in a Facebook group talking about investing. I added a few screenshots of Beanvest, asking who would be interested to test.

I did not expect that, but it got more than 50 replies. I then added each person on messenger and sent them a message with a link to signup. It resulted in 50+ new users !

I did not really expect that so gathered a few feedbacks informally. I created today Typeform I intend to send them.

August 18, 2021 Need feedback - Premium accounts giveaway

I need feedback to improve Beanvest and will offer you a free Premium account for a year if you help me 😊

  • What brokers are you using?
  • What are you currently using to track your stock portfolios?
  • What do your like about Beanvest? What do you dislike?
  • What features are missing that you would pay for?

You can create a free account here:

Thanks for the help!

August 5, 2021 New feature: csv import

One of the key issues when you start using Beanvest has now been solved : How do you get data in ?

You can now import a .csv file with all your transactions, which is really more practical than having to enter all your transactions history manually.

CSV import

I will still try to make it as seamless as possible to start with Beanvest by :

  • Improving this csv import (I can make it easier to match you transactions with stocks)
  • Adding broker synchronizations
  • Making it easy to migrate from competitor tools (if possible in one click)

Changelog (1.0.3) :

July 26, 2021 Investigating feedbacks

I recently added some paying plans on Beanvest and I am trying to get feedback to understand better my users needs.

For the moment the few users I have are not actively using the tool. I emailed them to get some feedback and I think some features are still missing for it to be really usable, even though I got very few answers.

I also tried some Google Ads : the positive thing is that there is traffic on the keywords, I managed to generate clicks and registers with a small budget. This tends to confirm the product does not meet MVP requirements yet, because those users created an account but did not really use it. I also need to improve the onboarding.

July 4, 2021 Stonkspace is now Beanvest

I decided to rename the project Stonkspace, because I think the name won't be taken as seriously with the word "stonk".

The new name is now Beanvest

Beanvest logo

The new website is available here :

Blog post :


Stop using spreadsheets to keep track of your investments