Working on a product for a while. Please roast it!

Would love someone roast it to bring me back to reality!

I've been working on a B2B SaaS startup for way too long, our MVP is almost ready (Feb'21), and would love to get some fresh eyes on it.


Client onboarding, collecting documents/files/payments, etc., and guiding through processes is the most difficult part of many businesses to scale. Beau helps to intake clients with forms and workflows and keep them updated via customer portals. Currently, companies use form builders, website builders, and CRMs to build processes and guide their clients.

Beau helps to embrace a digital transformation strategy for SMBs rapidly.

What do you think about the idea? Is the landing page clear enough?

Thanks in advance to anyone that's willing to check it out! The website: beau.to

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    What a beautiful art style! It's really something different. Great job on that!
    I thought that you could maybe state the value proposition more clearly in the copywriting. Why do I need "No-code Customer Workflow Automation"?

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    Theme is great, but I don't see a clear value proposition. What about a demo request?

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    Hi Kyril,

    the first "see how it works" button is not working for me. Otherwise the landing page looks pretty cool :)

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    Yes, I think it would need a concierge onboarding, because right now I cannot understand how it is done. Every company has a different onboarding process, mine has a "Start for free" button, Stripe requires uploading personal IDs, etc. What is the cost of integrating and customizing your solution compared to implementing it ourselves?

    I'm not the one to give you an advice, but every schoolbooks on startups advice to start from a single audience (e.g. "Startup Due Diligence for a VC"), having a few potential clients that know about your solution and can't wait to use it, and then expand gradually to other use cases.

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    Whoa, so many comments! Are you back to reality, Kyril? :) Pls, share if you've got what you expected.

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    Nice color palette for the drawings!
    I see half of the logo at the top-left corner. Don't really understand who is your target auditory and what's you value proposition. Oh, wait, "use cases" at the very bottom... But they are not use cases, they are like your clients. Ok, go to "how it works" page... Hm, still not very clear. Looks like your product is for big guys. Then the price is questionable.
    I'm not a native English, but I have strong feeling the language on the page should be tuned, too.

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    Hey Kyril! Congrats on landing page. I love the style and the idea. It is actually something I have been working on myself for the past year and a half. Would love to chat to see how you have tackled the problem. You can shoot me an email at [email protected]

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    The idea is good. The site is very pretty. There is no statement of the symptoms or pains the problem is solving. How do I know if I really need it? I would put some actual data or statistics somewhere. Something like "Why is getting new clients so frustrating for everyone?" The staff struggles with paperwork, the customers become confused and frustrated! In the end the business loses revenue. How much revenue? Use these points in bulleted format that link to more detailed description. Also you are not mentioning that this is simplifying everything from a single spot. Form builders, website builders, portals and CRM's are scattered all over the place. The fact you can do this from a single site would be attractive to busy and often scattered businesses.

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    Love the website design/style, really nice branding. I think some case studies or a brief video walkthrough of what is possible with Beau would be useful. For me it was not immediately clear how I might use the platform.

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    Just a few thoughts on the website. I'm probably not a target customer for the app but it wasn't until the 3rd block "Guide your clients, step-by-step" that I started to get a sense of what this may do. I like the art but it's a bit abstract and doesn't convey much about what the product does. I think I'd try and get the Templates and Sample Use Cases up higher on the page it begins to tell a story. My overall impression is this seems VERY complicated so I wouldn't be compelled to sign up for early access. Maybe a sample workflow in action on the homepage or a gif of using the builder. I'm left wondering a bit what I'd even be looking at and how I'd interact with the product. I start to see some of this on the How it Works page around Step by Step. I'm still not sure if this will connect to my existing systems, is this data first party in Beau? I hope this is helpful not being familiar with the product or the space that's just my first impressions. Good luck!

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      Agree that i needed some time to understand what's it about.

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    The use cases section makes it seem like you're targeting many different verticals. Healthcare and HIPAA Compliance stands out to me. Are you able to support that?

    Keep in mind, I don't have all the context that you do and I don't know your whole story. I'd consider focusing on a couple uses cases to go in-depth on. If I were to guess, HIPAA is something you wouldn't want to focus on up front.

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