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Personal story and lessons learned. Burnout, emptiness, sleep deprivation…harmful problems. Also sharing stories of other entrepreneurs, interesting articles...whatever I feel during writing

July 15, 2020 100 Subscribers!! 🎊

Hold on Leo, it is not that many subs to be honest.

Of course it is. Comparing to where I was 2 months ago, it's time to celebrate

It's been 2 months and 2 days since I sent my very first edition, about the oldest companies in the world

I was completely anonymous, had never written before.

I never aimed for a number of subscribers, but to give value. That's why I changed my newsletter. From writing about pre-internet companies to my personal stories.

I believe it is also reflecting on my Twitter. I went from 150+ followers to 400+ in 2 months.

Any growth hacking tip?
Yes. Keep working. Delivering.

Thanks @rosiesherry, @witsuma, @andrewkamphey, @gczh and many others for valuable feedbacks!

Not a subscriber? That's not a problem! Here's the link for you! Lol

June 30, 2020 90 subscribers!

Well, it feels like yesterday. Actually, started less than 2 months ago. I never imagined would be able to reach 90 subscribers.

I feel that I need to give back. I am sharing as much as I can (and remember) from my previous company in order to help people avoiding the same mistakes I made.

I want to contribute even more. Suggestions? Ideas?

June 29, 2020 I spent 10 months building. Issue #10!

This issue I discussed how I built the product, where the idea came from, errors and lessons learned.

That's just one more issue, but it represents a lot to me. What I have been learning during these 10 editions:

• Pivoted the newsletter
• Grew from 0 to 78 subscribers
• Less words
• More images
• How to write for Reddit


June 24, 2020 We are changing....

The latest editions I shared problems and successes in my personal/professional life. I was astounded by the reaction. People telling the articles helped them a lot. Those articles made them aware of serious problems. I think I’m starting my journey in the right way to help people. Thanks @rosiesherry, @witsuma, @andrewkamphey, @8bit, @gczh and many others for valuable feedbacks!

I want to share stories of other entrepreneurs, also talk about what I have learned, problems I faced (professionally and personally speaking), what I’ve been doing, interesting things I read during the week. Well, as you see, there is a lot to talk about.

I hope you all like this change.

June 23, 2020 70 Subscribers!

For me, it is an incredible feeling. Published 9 editions so far. For my 10th, I am sharing about Gillette.

The most successful edition came, not from a Before90s company, but from my personal story. I plan to rewrite some famous entrepreneurs' personal stories.

I know, there is no overnight success, but a long journey. I am enjoying it as much as I can.

Thank you all for the support along the way!

June 17, 2020 60 Subscribers!

It's been one month since I started the newsletter and today, I reached 60 subscribers. It's been a good start, learning a lot everyday. Thanks to the IndieHackers community.

The newsletter, which I started 1 month ago, is still taking format, but today, I know even more that I want to help people as I told in my last newsletter edition.

A new passion for me, as I had never written before and now, I know I like to do it and need to improve to pass the write message and give the proper emotions to my stories.


June 12, 2020 The meaning of life

I felt that I reached my desired outcome with a post about my dreamed life.

To make people aware of having a solid foundation is key to a happy life.

Now, I am seriously thinking of steering the content of my weekly newsletter, focused on pre-internet companies, and talk more about my own experience and lessons learned.

Why am I inclined to do that?

I found out, after hitting the wall, that giving back, helping the community, is what makes me excited. I guess, sharing my struggles and victories would give you a clarity around some uncertainties such as pricing, cashflow, monetisation, product, life in general, etc.

Would love to hear what you think.

Thanks For all your support.

May 28, 2020 30 subscribers!!

The number itself is small, nothing, if compared with many others here, but the feeling is great anyway!

It's been 11 days since I decided to launch the Newsletter in this friendly community. People have been very receptive and friendly, helping me with suggestions, improvements, how to have better presence on Twitter. Thanks @AndrewKamphey @gczh @witsuma @harrydry

Today, a new story in my newsletter is coming: "How Lego used customer-centric approach and social media and became the largest toy maker in the world"!


May 17, 2020 First 5 subscribers!

After 5 days of launching my newsletter, I'm happy to say we have now 5 7 subscribers!

Being able to help people genuinely interested in reading my stories is what makes me wanting to become better at sharing the right message. I believe stats like number of subscribers, number of users or whatever is a consequence of a good work being done.

The next week will focus on twitter, giving short, actionable insights (inspired by @harrydry, @gczh and many others). Thanks @AndrewKamphey for your suggestions and feature my story in your newsletter.

Like many others, I decided to build the newsletter and share the stats along the way and here are the numbers after 5 days:



Personal story and lessons learned. Burnout, emptiness, sleep deprivation…harmful problems. Also sharing stories of other entrepreneurs, interesting articles...whatever I feel during writing