October 22, 2019

Okay, let's do this 🤟🏻

Ali Grimaldi @aligrim

So, we had somewhat of an idea bouncing around, but how did it transform into something realistic?

We threw around the idea of creating an internal database of survey questions for a while. We were really only thinking of it in terms of using it for ourselves at work.

However, the more we continued to perform research across multiple projects in multiple countries, the more the idea developed into something more.

We'll be the first to admit that research is challenging, especially when you're working in another country. Although we can craft questions in English, when we do research in Asia anywhere else besides Singapore, we are mostly relying on translators. We'd
continue to have questions like:

  • Does the English --> [other language] translation still make sense?
  • What cultural context and nuances are we missing in both the questions and as we analyse some responses?
  • If we worded it wrong one time and fixed it the next - how can we make sure we don't make this mistake again?

Thus, the idea of creating on internal question bank began to form into something greater - what if we could create an open-source data base for anyone who wants to use it? We can begin by populating it with relevant questions and translations that we know, and anyone who wants to can access, edit, and add to it.


Are we really doing this? We're really doing this.

I dug through Notion, and it looks like our earliest entry is on July 11, 2019. I'm declaring this date as our decision to move forward.