October 9, 2019

What is Bestow?

T.D. Bryant @tdbryant2

Bestow is a directory for small businesses to discover local digital contractors and creatives. Digital contractors and creatives will be able to upload their portfolio and links to their work for free. Small businesses have the ability to subscribe to Bestow to view the portfolios. We plan to build an audience through activation and education.
We will launch, city by city and create a waitlist. When we activate a city it will be an in-person event that will mirror our digital experience, we will connect business owners to digital contractors and creatives. This will help us get the LOCAL press and help with our SEO over time. This will also help raise awareness throughout social media and give us leverage for future marketing campaigns, as we obtain the email addresses of the attendees of our in-person events.
We will teach contractors and creatives how to build a portfolio based on their most recent work. These seminars will be joint initiatives with educational institutions and job placement services. We will also do webinars with influencers in the small business niche, demo our product and do revenue shares with their audience of small business owners. Lastly, we will guest blog on sites of organizations and events that focus on small businesses and write detailed articles about particular niches on our own website. We will help people find jobs!

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