April 10, 2020

More is More - Landing Page Revamp

Andrew Kamphey @AndrewKamphey

I made Bettersheets.co about a week ago. Initially I threw together a landing page with Carrd and worked on the library of content.

Launched to friends and families and some forums (including IH)

Quickly got a sale on Monday morning. But then nothing.

And as more people saw the page, got more feedback.

The feedback was pleasant and helpful.

Made a few additions. moved some free tutorials videos that I had behind a button.. to the front.

Added a newsletter signup in case someone didn't want to buy right away.

Changed the text around as more people suggested changes.

More and more changes... and NO MORE SALES.

I chalked it up, to just not a good product...

Then a friend gave the best feedback: "it's rather difficult to find where to buy."

I had added too much. Now the point of a simple, single landing page was gone.

so much stuff... so little area to buy.

I've gone in today and taken out. Not food.. no take out food.. but take out text.

take out CTAs, take out, minimize, simplify.

Now it's simpler and I'll keep iterating it every chance I get.

Honestly, Happy to take your feedback: bettersheets.co