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I personally believe in the power of good habits. So app is just a part of thing that I believe can help other people

January 4, 2022 We launched Goal Planner Online

I like to plan ahead and then stick to the plan with tasks and habits.
Last year I did a custom plan in Google Drawing with goals and tasks, and achieve ~60% of it. This year I decided to add a tool for this problem into our YourHabit ecosystem.
It took three days with ideation, experimentation, and fun media creation with real colored paper and scissors.
Check it out!

December 20, 2021 New habit planner online

I wake up and realize: I need to catch the marketing ways. And New Year Resolution is perfect one for app like YourHabit. So I decided to build a web tool which turn your New Year Resolution into exact list of action that can be done and tracked in the app. And it was quite fun to draw images to the interactive tool too.

December 6, 2021 Web platform support

I personally like Web, so it was interesting how Flutter will handle it. It took me some time to remove platform specific feature, but apart of this it was pretty simple and smooth. Good job Flutter team! So this is a first step for building API for other apps integration, so stay tuned!

December 2, 2021 More localization!

Localization is usually a pretty hard task. But interesting, when you study in the international group in the University, you have a bunch of people with different mother tongs. So after I found free solution based on google spreadsheet, my friends done the rest. So now we support Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Swedish and many more languages. And according to statics, majority of the user instantly change the language in the new update

November 26, 2021 We are expanding the team

So I really happy to announce that my friend Hammed join yourhabit project. Interesting how important to create a network before you start you venture. You never know who will join you on you journey. But I certainly know that at the end of the way only people are driving innovation and value creation

October 31, 2021 We have reached 5000 users and have a new name!

Now we have a new name: Your Habit.
And I like it, seems like it is time to be more friendly for Search engines, will see.
On the other hand I introduced dark mode that been frequently requested by users.
Today I did a YouTube shorts, so next step is TikTok and more experiments with all new formats for better marketing

October 5, 2021 User base have reached 1000 users

So, the social feature significantly affect on user acquisitions. For the recent 3 days have reached more the 1000 users and keep growing. That was interesting to see how social/viral effect works!

Happy with the results of of experimenting and incremental updates

Stay tuned!

September 26, 2021 Friends competitions in

After having a first stable version on both platforms, I decided to add social interaction to the App before marketing campaign. So here we are, now you can compete with friends, follow each other, see what other are doing!
Next step is define the delivery channels and start pushing app to the top!

August 31, 2021 New Landing Page

The first landing page was just a temporary solution in order to place terms of use for the App Store and Google Play. Now it's time to prepare it for lead generation and marketing campaign. So after two days of ideation, design, animation, and coding: here we are


I personally believe in the power of good habits. So app is just a part of thing that I believe can help other people