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I believe in the no code movement and this product could serve a lot of use cases.

October 28, 2020 Embed google sheets data in any website

A few days ago I launched a feature to enable users to embed Biew in any website. It works like many other plugins, you import a script tag, a css tag and the widget itself.

With this I expect to give users more flexibility and cover more specific uses cases.

I also put this widget to practice and created a real estate website that uses widget to list the properties that are for sale, and of course you are still able to manage the data from your google sheet.

Next month I will create tutorials and examples on how to use it.

If you would like to try out Biew you can get started for free by visiting

November 3, 2019 100 people joined beta

At the beginning of the week Biew got accepted to BetaList and these are the results of that feature:

  • 107 people joined the beta
  • 431 visits
  • 6 likes on BetaList

This was reached after 4 days. Although it might not seem like much, it's what I hoped for to validate the idea.

November 1, 2019 Trending on BetaList

My new project called Biew is in the trending startups section on BetaList, after being posted two days ago. Biew is a directory website builder connected to google sheets.

This is my first time getting accepted to the site, so I'm not sure what is the traction that I should be expecting, but so far the number of visits and email subscribers seems to be going well for a project that is still under development.

I'll be sharing the results in a few days when the traffics comes back to normal.

Until then you can visit Biew or follow this project in IH .

October 30, 2019 Got accepted to BetaList

UPDATE: Just got featured a few moments ago, that was quick.

I received an email from BetaList saying that my project qualifies to be featured on their website.

It took a little over one week to receive this email, and hopefully Biew will be featured in a month. My goal is to get a few subscribers and I'll be sharing the results here.

I'll keep on improving the landing page. I'd appreciate any feedback, you can visit thee website here

Thanks :)

October 20, 2019 Landing page is ready

Today I launched the landing page for an idea I'm testing, the product is called biew.

The idea is to allow non technical people to build directory like websites, where you could, for example, share your favorite album covers, some tasty recipes or even sell a product, all with out coding and with the help of google sheets.

My goal is to reach a few dozen email subscribers to validate the idea and start building a demo.

You can visit the site here to see a mockup of what a biew website could look like.

I believe in the no code movement and this product could serve a lot of use cases.