December 3, 2019

Launched my productivity site built in webflow

Steve Reis @SteveRice

I finally launched my first real side project on a topic I love: Productivity.

Together over the next years, we'll learn 100 keyboard shortcuts that I test for awesomeness and send out twice a week, every Monday and Wednesday.

Just in the last week I've been testing out new shortcuts I've been so excited. Actions that took upwards of 10 seconds now take under a second and it's an AWESOME feeling. What's even better is starting to string longer commands together without even thinking about it :)

We'll start with Windows shortcuts. When done with that, you can select other programs to get notified about. Basically the idea is for you to learn two new shortcuts a week, for a program of your choosing :)

Hacker love <3

  • Steve
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