December 3, 2019

Opened the Waiting List and the Closed Alpha

Greg Worrall @gregjw

What is Billboard?

The Billboard Chrome Extension inserts additional display ads while you browse, for every view, you'll receive a split of the revenue. On average, people earn about £5 a month, that means a coffee or two on us ☕️

Better for creators:

Billboard incentivises your fans unblocking ads by offering them a slice of the pie. This means more people will see your ads and in turn, you'll receive more revenue.

Better for advertisers:

By working directly with our network, we'll offer lower rates than your usual provider because we'll be cutting out the middle-man, meaning more clicks for your buck.

Transparency at our core:

We want to make sure you're aware of where your data is going, so our extension visually displays how often Facebook and Google are tracking you too.

We'll also regularly publish reports on how our network is growing, how many adverts we're processing and we've also open-sourced our extension.