November 9, 2019

Started building

Nathan Cheng @NathanBiohackStack

I am a biohacker -- someone interested in DIY tinkering with the latest in tech and science to optimize my own body.

Whenever I go to biohacker meetups in Toronto people always ask the same question:

"What biohacks are you doing?"

I noticed the media also has a similar obsession with the health and lifestyle routines of famous CEOs and entrepreneurs.

This gave me an idea.

I pivoted my former website ( to make a Biohack Stack -- a database and community for biohackers.

The idea was to make a database of famous high level performers (biohackers, athletes, CEOs, researchers etc) and everything in their personal health and lifestyle "stack".

The goal is to make an online community similar to NomadList, Producthunt, or IndieHackers -- but for biohacking.

Excited for the future. Stay tuned!

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