New feature decreases MRR

Usually when we release new features for our email marketing tool, the purpose is to provide more value to customers and increase our bottom line.

Not this one though. This one actually decreases our income 😅

It's the clean your email list feature. Since we charge by the number of unique contacts, when users use this 3-click feature to clean their list, we get less money.

  1. 4

    Big salute! There is really remarkable.

    Are you highlighting this on your landing page to inform everyone that you are building a user-first product?

    1. 2

      That's a very good idea! Thanks!

      1. 2

        Let me know once it is up on your site please! I like to create this as a case study for my site GrowthHunt.co


  2. 2

    IMO if it makes the product much better for the users, then it becomes valuable to them. I whole-heartedly liked the decision that you took. User first product is what leads to growth✌️.

    1. 1

      Thanks for sharing and for your support!

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