New: Unsubscribe from tags instead of completely

This is one of the most requested features from our users.

And we're pretty excited to release this!

Previously when a contact unsubscribes, our user unsubscribe him/her from their entire account completely.

This poses a problem.

Contact (let's say John) who wants to unsubscribe from topic A but still wants to subscribe to topic B -- has to unsubscribe entirely from their account… thereby resulting in them losing him as a contact forever. Imagine this happening to thousands of their contacts.

The problem above can be somewhat solved by using Automation Rules that goes like this…



If John clicks the link -- "click here if you do not want to hear about topic A again"


Tag John with "no more topic A"


Next time when our user sends emails about topic A, they exclude those who are tagged with "no more topic A".

However, not everyone is going to follow instructions. There will always be people who click the footer unsubscribe link -- which, as explained above, is going to unsubscribe these people from the user account completely.

This is not ideal, as our user would be losing subscribers who want to hear from them regarding other topics/interests.

With this new "unsubscribe from tag" feature that we've just released… when contacts click the footer unsubscribe link, our user can ask them to choose which specific topics they want to unsubscribe from (and which ones to remain subscribed to).

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