Launched BirthdayParties.com

Acquired the domain name for $5,600 in November of 2018. Spent 9 months building the site. Developed on Wordpress. Seeded Atlanta, Geo as our base location, and it's the only location with listings so far. I'm not happy with the location search on the homepage, so I intend to change that in the coming weeks (to only display cities I've populated - right now, it pulls a database of cities worldwide, and I don't like that user experience).

I'll have Charlotte NC and Nashville TN locations live by end of November 2019.

Still tinkering on the frontend & backend based on feedback from early users. Taking this one slow as its a marathon project of mine.

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    Peter I follow you on twitter and have been following all your crazy domain work for a while now - you're one of my favorite devs in the game and I'll continue watching your work.

    BirthdayParties.com looks great. From birthdays to onions (vidaliaonions.com for those who don't know) you're killing it.

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      you're too kind, but thank you. Nervous about BDAY, but confident it'll work.

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    Searched got 0 results.

    Age: Adults over 18
    Popular with: Boys
    Atlanta, GA, USA
    0 results

    Maybe display other locations just to show there is value there?

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      I was messing around in the backend just now (cowboy coding) .. that search should work now.. here's the results I get: https://cl.ly/dc56a9fc4596

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    I'd love to hear your ideas on how you will make money from this.

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      I plan on charging the venues a monthly or yearly fee to be listed on the site. Prob some sort of tiered pricing. I built a similar model on DudeRanch.com (sold now), and am familiar with that sales process. Here's hoping.

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      Referral links to event bookings? Ads for party supplies? Featured vendors! Just some ideas.

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        basically a subscription service. They sign up, and I (hopefully) drive them leads.. 'Them' being the birthday event venues.. The birthday in a box service is also attractive, but not going to concentrate on that during v1.

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    I just wanted to say I love the design of the website.

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      thank you - Philadelphia will be included in our first rollout of cities.. will prob be live by end of 2020..

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    Site looks awesome! Question - are you manually sourcing all of the venues? Seems like that aggregation process would be perfect candidate for some automation, with some human oversight.

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      Manually.. it's more accurate imo, and not too difficult to collect.

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    where are you at with set up for Charlotte?

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    Dude you're site is cool as hell. I'm a dad of two young girls and I'd used this and share with other parents for sure.

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      thanks so much for these kinds words.. Phoenix is on my early launch list.. if you sign up for our email list, select Phoenix from the drop down, and we'll email you when we're live there..

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    Nice! Small nit: "Atlanta, Geo." read as "atlanta geo" to me. Would consider using "Atlanta, GA"

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      yea, I was sorta going with the old school state abbreviation, but you're right. Just changed to 'Atlanta, Ga'

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        Nice! I would capitalize the A in "GA" so it scans more clearly as a state abbreviation too!

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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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      thank you.. Vidalia is seasonal, so I'm hoping BDAY can fill out the rest of my time..

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