December 6, 2019

Finish MVP

Henrique Chappuis @henriquechaps

Today we finish our MVP!
After a whole year of hard work, finally we are almost ready to receive our first users and it will be done very soon.

That milestone are the most important of my whole life.
I've been online marketeer for long time, but this is the first time that i'll give return something back, something that i have proud to share and help small business around the world.

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    I didn't even check out your product, so take this with a grain of salt but a year of work should not be a MVP in most industries

    1. 1

      Yeah, it makes a lot of sense, but i'm full on this about 3 months.
      Professional life and parallel projects makes me delay a little bit on this project.
      Also, i didn't mention that we request more quota on Youtube API for a long time and didn't get any reply, so we've to develop our own.

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    Very interesting idea! You see competitors putting ads on google searches all the time so it makes sense to do it for Youtube as well.

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      Glad you liked! I'm Youtube Marketer for a long time, and i can say that video ads could be a lot more cheaper than 'search ads' for high competitive niches.

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        I'm sure you're right, some specific niches especially are probably more relevant on youtube, you notice many searches will often come up with loads of youtube results before the first basic webpage result

        1. 1

          Yeah! Also a lot people doesn't know, but you can make an ad for thoso who searching on google and when they come to youtube the video ad will trigger by the keywords that they search on google!

          Our software will scrap tons of specific videos from keywords,
          so it will give high qualified placements to put the video ads in front
          target videos. If someone is watching for 'how to code in python' you could place your video ad from your python course in front of it!
          I know, youtube ads are anoyng, but it's cuz they are mostly random!

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