January 11, 2020

Collected feedback from 2 meet-ups

Alex Fedorov @alex_f

I’ve attended two relevant meet-ups for entrepreneurs/startups/businesses.

When networking with people, I’d qualify people first whether they are reading business books or not, and how they do that (basically a short user interview), and then I’d do some user testing with them on my landing page if they are interested in the book club.

The outcomes:

  • 21$ per month for a book club seems to be too expensive;
  • Some folks are tired of subscriptions and would prefer a different model, especially if they can’t attend every single remote book club meeting;
  • It’s not immediately clear from the landing page that members get access to a member-only Chat Group;
  • It wasn’t clear what book(s) are we reading next—without this info, it’s hard to decide if the person wants to part with their money or not;
  • One person would prefer if the books’ prices were included in the book club membership (I’m not sure how to even make that feasible business-wise, though—the price will have to be much higher for this…);
  • Everyone said that they want to receive emails with summaries from the book club meetings for free—this could be a good way for people “to get to know” the bizbookclub first so that they are “prepared” to sign-up for the membership.


  • [x] Add section to the landing page with the next 3 books we’re reading and book club meeting dates;
  • [x] Make it clear that members get access to member-only Chat Group where they can network and discuss various business topics, get help, help others, and even form partnerships;
  • [x] Add a form to collect email/names to send people summaries from the book club meetings for free;
  • [x] Decrease price or change the pricing model, or add another “pay-as-you-go” plan;
  • [x] Add in-browser customer support tool (like a Live Chat) to potentially get more feedback than the last launch day.
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