January 18, 2020

Reworked our offering

Alex Fedorov @alex_f

We were getting feedback that our offering is too expensive, and not all parts of it were interesting to everybody.

Now, instead of just having a single type of monthly membership, we allow our user to build their own membership out of the following components (they can choose or not choose, and combine any of these):

  • Get email summaries of every meeting for free;
  • Get access to the chat group for $9.99/month;
  • Join remote online video calls to discuss business books. This one comes in two flavors: subscription $14.99/month or pay-as-you-go $9.99 per each call you join;
  • Access video/audio recordings archive of the past book club calls. It also comes in two flavors: subscription $9.99/month or pay-as-you-go $2.99 per each video you access;
  • When you add multiple monthly subscriptions, they start discounting (10% or 20%).

Additionally, we are striving to not be a classic subscription business that profits from users forgetting about their subscription and not canceling:

If you are not using any of the above components in the whole billing period (month), we don’t charge you for it.

Of course, that is not as “sexy” from a business perspective, but it’s much more fair for the customer.

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