January 3, 2020

Blender Market has a New Look!

Jonathan Williamson @carter2422

Back in 2014 we took a literal approach to our branding of Blender Market upon launch. As the first marketplace dedicated solely to Blender our key focus was to (figuratively) bring people through the front door to the market. We worked hard to create a community marketplace that brought Blender creators and users everywhere together to buy and sell in one place. Our logo reflected this in the literal storefront design.

Fast-forward five years and Blender Market is an established marketplace with a strong community of creators and customers. We feel it is time to add a new coat of paint, refreshing the logo design to carry us forward, collectively, for the years to come.


Read the full blog post here: https://blendermarket.com/posts/blender-market-has-a-new-look