September 26, 2020

Wrote first blogpost and got 12k views!!! 😳

Hugo Montenegro @HugoMontenegro

So, I wrote my first blogpost - it took a while until I was satisfied with it. But then I finished and I thought to myself "hey, this is good!"

Thus, finally, I published it. You can find it here:

However, no one even knew about my blog, so I wasn't going to get any readers. What did I do? I posted it on Reddit of course! :P

It quickly turned popular, gathering 1k+ upvotes, ~800 interesting comments and about 12k readers to my website. Quite impressive!

The best part was that I got a couple of very nice emails from people that had really liked it. Really nice to get that kind of stuff!

EDIT: funny, now I got ~120 views from you guys - thanks :P

  1. 9

    Congrats! In which subreddits you have posted it?

  2. 3

    I'm happy for you Hugo! I loved your blog design.
    Did you code it by yourself or is it a CMS like WordPress?

    1. 1

      Oh, you like it? That makes me so happy! I tried to make it minimalist, but also fast. Kinda going for that newspaper design a little.

      And yes, all done by me!
      Backend: Flask
      Frontend: basic HTML and CSS with a little Bootstrap4

      1. 2

        It's one of the cleanest blog designs I've seen! I really like it a lot.
        I see. You're a good designer then :-)

        You should check the mobile design and dark mode though. Logo outscales small screens and menu items have its order changed.

        1. 1

          Thanks :P

          Hah, I may be a good designer but I'm a horrible frontend coder - I have no idea what I'm doing with JavaScript ahahhahaha

          Thanks for pointing out those issues! I'll fix them (someday...)

          1. 1

            Hahaha, well at least it's easier to be a front end dev when you're a great designer already :-)

  3. 3

    Congrats! That's a huge accomplishment.

  4. 3

    That’s awesome!! Congrats!

  5. 3

    The title sounds interesting, congrats! Out of curiosity, which subreddit did you use to post it?

    1. 1

      /r/philosophy - seemed like the most appropriate one :)

  6. 3

    Getting attention on reddit isn't easy always. So congratulations. It's a big feat 👏👏

  7. 3

    Qué bien Hugo, muchísimas felicidades. Voy a leerme el articulo.

  8. 3

    That’s wonderful, Congratulations Hugo! Will have a read too, loving the title already 😊

    1. 1

      Yeah, it's really good!!

  9. 2

    Congratulations! That's an exceptional achievement given how hard it is to get traction on reddit.

  10. 2

    Wow what a way to start! Congrats Hugo!

  11. 1

    That's great Hugo. You are on the right track

  12. 1

    What a great reminder about the power of community and sharing our work 👍

  13. 1

    In dark mode, images disappear. Something you might wanna look into.

    Edit: Comments become unreadable as well. Dark mode can use some attention to get it better.

    Congrats on the good start!

  14. 1

    Hi Hugo. Yes I've been hanging around blog for the past one hour or so. Nice clean stuff. And you have awesome content. Can you develop something similar for my friend who is about to write his first book?

  15. 1

    Hi Hugo. Great job. Heading to your blog now. Your logo looks like International Herald Tribune. Are you able to Monetize yet?

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