October 7, 2019

HN frontpage for a day!

Steph Smith @stephsmith

Yesterday, I wrote an article about my writing process. In the article, I was really transparent about not actually being a "natural" writer and how I've designed a process enabling me to get past that. I think that sentiment resonated with many others, since many people also don't consider themselves writers.

I submitted the piece to Hacker News and just before I went to bed, it hit the front page! It hovered in the teens last night and interestingly enough, it actually moved higher as I slept through the traffic wave. It's been in the top 5 for most of today and 18 hours later, it's still sitting at 9.

There has also been a really lovely conversation in the comments section, where people are sharing their own writing tips, practices, and techniques. There's a few that I want to try, like attending writing meetups which I hadn't heard of before.

Post is here for those asking!
HN discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=21172686
Link to article: https://blog.stephsmith.io/learning-to-write-with-confidence/

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