August 27, 2019

Got my first paid customer!

Hernán Sartorio @hernansartorio

It took three days after launch but it happened! And today (after another three days) I got my second one :)

It's only $19 per year each, but together with all the positive responses I got from the launch, it's more than enough motivation to keep working and developing my ideas for the project.

Some quick stats about the launch:

I published it on ProductHunt, HackerNews, DesignerNews, Reddit, here, and also sent an email to around 110 people who had subscribed on the pre-launch landing page. Most of the traffic came from ProductHunt, where it reached the top 10 of the day.

I got around 700 visitors on launch day, 400 the second, and so on, for a total of 1700 for the first week after launch. From those, up until today, around 220 people signed to try it. And of those, as mentioned, 2 people became paid customers :)

I have a lot more of work to do now.

  1. 1

    How do you ensure that you are able to keep a site online forever*?

    1. 1

      Good question. Well, if Bloggi gets enough paying customers so that it's profitable enough, I will happily continue working on it for many, many years, and will make sure that it stays online whatever happens. But yeah, I should probably change the word "forever" for something more within this lifetime though :)

      1. 1

        It was just confusing for me as a potential customer that I pay $19 for your 1-year service but I also get to keep my site online "forever". Does this mean uptime, like 100% uptime (no downtime at all for a year w/c even companies like Google and Facebook still have issues keeping it perfect)?

        1. 2

          Oh I see, alright I just removed that line (will go live soon) :)

          It wasn't about uptime, but more about the fact that by being a paid service you can be sure that the company is profitable and won't shut down in a few years like most VC-funded companies.

  2. 1

    Good job! You should add a “see an example” link on your landing page, so that a visitor can see what a blog created with Bloggi looks like!

    1. 1

      Thanks! I've thought about it. I already show a screenshot, and it might be a small incentive to sign up, but maybe I'll add one later.

  3. 1

    Good work. You should increase your pricing tho.

    1. 1

      Thanks. I will after I add more features.

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