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I thought that there could be a new blogging platform that combines the simplicity of Medium and the flexibility and power of Wordpress.

September 24, 2020 Launched the new WYSIWYG post editor

Last week I rolled out Bloggi’s biggest update yet, a new WYSIWYG editor! It includes:

  • A formatting toolbar (just like Medium’s)
  • A blocks menu (insert images, Markdown, or HTML)
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Markdown shortcuts

Check all the details in this post

June 11, 2020 Added a monthly plan

Integrated with Paddle and finally added a monthly plan at $5/month!

Subscriptions can now be automatically renewed (which wasn’t possible with the previous PayPal-only setup), plus credit cards and Apple Pay are now accepted payment methods. This is all handled through Paddle (wish I had found them before launching!).

More here:

November 17, 2019 Announced pricing increase

Since I've been often told that the pricing was too low, and to accompany all the new features I've been shipping, I announced a price increase for the Pro plan, from $29 to $49 per year. This will only affect new customers.

More here:

November 17, 2019 Launched The Bloggi Blog

It's weird to have a blogging platform that doesn't have its own blog, so I finally launched the official Bloggi Blog.

I'll be sharing much more soon (including all the details behind the making of Bloggi). But to start, I published a a recap of all the new features I've shipped since the launch:

October 24, 2019 Reached 10 paying customers!

It's not much but it's much more than zero (which is where I ended up with some past side projects) and so a huge milestone for me. Especially since it's still lacking many features—but I've been shipping updates since I launched two months and it seems to be slowly paying off.

August 24, 2019 Got my first paid customer!

It took three days after launch but it happened! And today (after another three days) I got my second one :)

It's only $19 per year each, but together with all the positive responses I got from the launch, it's more than enough motivation to keep working and developing my ideas for the project.

Some quick stats about the launch:

I published it on ProductHunt, HackerNews, DesignerNews, Reddit, here, and also sent an email to around 110 people who had subscribed on the pre-launch landing page. Most of the traffic came from ProductHunt, where it reached the top 10 of the day.

I got around 700 visitors on launch day, 400 the second, and so on, for a total of 1700 for the first week after launch. From those, up until today, around 220 people signed to try it. And of those, as mentioned, 2 people became paid customers :)

I have a lot more of work to do now.

August 20, 2019 Launched!

Introducing Bloggi, a simple blogging platform.

You can also check out my launch post on ProductHunt:

As I mention there, it is still a very early stage version and lacking many features, but I wanted to put it out there and start getting feedback from real users before investing more time on it.

I spent about two months and approximately 135 hours of work from idea to launch. I'll see how it goes and post an update with the launch stats later.

August 1, 2019 Published the landing page and announced it

I published a post on my personal blog announcing the idea, and published a small landing page to start gathering emails from interested people.

Even though I'm mostly making this for myself, I've learned that it's best to start building an audience and generating interest as early as possible, so I paused development and started focusing on this for a bit.

I added the product and shared the post here on Indie Hackers, and I also published it on Hacker News, Designer News, and Reddit.

June 6, 2019 Decided to officially start working on it

After a couple of weeks of casual research I (surprisingly) grew even more excited about the idea and decided to start working on it.

First I had to actually build and publish my (manually made) blog, so I could have actual experience with blogging and understand the problem better.

Then I started designing the thing. Mostly obsessing over typography for days, defining some basic branding, and starting with the app and the blog’s design.

Only after around three weeks—with 90% of the design done—I started development (first commit was on June 27).

May 21, 2019 Had the idea

This isn't the exact date, but it's the first one I have recorded of the origin of the idea.

I was at the planning stage of building my own personal blog. My personal website was already built using Jekyll, I liked it better than any other options and kept building on top of it. I like to keep things simple so any kind of CMS would be overkill.

This got me thinking about the options that non-web-developers have for creating their own blog, and thought that there could be small space for a solution that combines the simplicity of Medium and the flexibility of Wordpress. Something like Carrd but for blogging. In fact, Carrd was a big inspiration, so much that the first name I came up with was Blogrr.

It was still a very fragile idea though, and I didn't think it could work since there already many blogging solutions.

I thought that there could be a new blogging platform that combines the simplicity of Medium and the flexibility and power of Wordpress.