Hit 200 Paid Subscribers on my Substack Newsletter

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share an exciting update.

My Substack subscription newsletter Blogging Guide has reached 200 paid subscribers!

For a project started about 6 months ago, I am blown away by these results!

I’ve written a pretty good explanation of some of the strategies I’ve used to convert free sign ups to paid subscribers and I was fortunate enough to be featured on the Indie Hackers newsletter (which also has more tips).

A few additional thoughts:

  1. If you are on the fence about creating a subscription newsletter, a few of the best reasons are—you can start a newsletter with little or no upfront cash investment; newsletters are scalable and hyper efficient; new newsletters are still being created every day (one of the few ways to make money online that leverages new cordless technology do well); and they can be run remotely by a single person.

  2. Subscription newsletters typically succeed when they function as a hybrid community. The emphasis should not be on you, the writer, disseminating content to readers, but rather the conversations, ideas, tips, and partnerships that occur when you bring people together (Similar to what Indie Hackers has done so successfully). Engage with subscribers, create community chat features, or downloads that bring people together.

  3. While it is easy to focus only on paid subscriber growth, your free sign ups have significant value as well. Remember, many of your future subscribers start as a free sign up. Do not alienate or spam this list since these are your best leads.

  4. Don’t feel compelled to stick to a rigid posting schedule. Readers want actionable insights or entertaining content, the last thing they need is another “fluff” email cluttering their inbox.

  5. Price your annual subscription competitively. Annual subscriptions give you far more stability in terms of revenue and it increases the opportunities to demonstrate passion, commitment, and newsletter value. Monthly subscribers may lead to a higher churn rate and increased pressure to produce on a rigid schedule (which can lead to writers publishing subpar content), which ultimately deters some monthly readers from continuing their subscription.

Thanks so much for all the support I received from IHs! Let me know if you have any questions!

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