August 18, 2019

$14500+ profit in total riched

Bootstraptor @Bootstraptor

not so bad - it's 8 months from the start of sales
but my goal is $24,000 for the first year, which results in $2,000/month
so I need + $10,000 more
I think I will achieve after updating the application
also in the fall have already signed contracts with resellers

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    Congratulations, that's awesome! What was the top channel of acquisition?

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    Congrats @Bootstraptor. These numbers I can only dream of for ! Inspiring! 👏

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      honestly, I expected more from sales
      however, I spent only about 4-5 months of the pure time
      it's all about the customer base - this is the main value for the business -
      First of all, you need to collect as many targeted subscribers as possible - emails!
      also one of the secrets is email marketing - I set the highest possible price and then give a good discount and do various promotions
      I also conducted surveys on the cost and features. I knew in advance that the product would be bought before the first line of the app I coded

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    Congrats, great results!
    I wonder how you managed to create 500 blocks for your generator. Did you hire someone or created all of them on your own?

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      created them my own
      I am on bootstrap starting from version 2
      so I am writing this code with "closed eyes"
      (in addition, all blocks are adaptive/responisve by default)
      at the beginning, I created in 1 month about 200 blocks
      then there was the first version of the application
      and started pre-sale
      after that, I added more blocks
      As a result, 500 blocks took about 2-3 months
      then in the application, I created 150+ templates in two weeks

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    This is awesome, really interesting that the market wasn’t saturated with bigger website templating products. Were you confident this would generate revenue even with sites like wix and square space?

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      this is a completely different niche
      this product is for those who want to build a quick prototype on bootstrap
      first of all, I created what solved my own pain
      quickly create bootstrap templates
      without extra styles and with clean, readable code (as I created templates for sale on themes markets like creativemarket and themeforest , etc.. )

      but now I already have a lot of requests for additional functions but I'm not in a hurry
      to add even one new button to the application, I first of all focus on the concept of simplicity
      and secondly, will it increase product sales? if so then I am adding a new function

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    What exactly will the resellers use your product for if i may ask?

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      these are large sellers with a large customer base
      Unfortunately, I can’t open the details because the terms of the contract do not allow

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        That's perfectly fine and understandable.Best of luck

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          thanks :)
          good luck!

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    the main channel is the email subscribers base - I’ve been collecting for several years
    also, some already buy on the recommendation of friends - those who bought earlier - it's about 15%
    only about 5-10% these are facebook groups, twitter followers, and about 5-10% various app markets and resellers
    I think to launch several paid channels and additional stimulation
    but the more they buy, the more they recommend to friends - as the product solves the pain of customers well

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      I also ask every satisfied client(directly by personal not mass email) to recommend the app to colleagues and friends and they do it as far as I can see