August 11, 2019

Decided to Stop Working on BnbListed

Danilo Kreimer @DaniloKreimer

BnbListed was the first project (out of six) I challenged myself to launch with a zero budget.

You can see the list of projects here:

I decided not to put more time or work into BnbListed because:

  • I like and work with real estate, but Airbnb hosting and Short-term renting are neither fun or personally challenging;

  • It would require a full focus on content creation and SEO. These are not skills that I have, and although they are immensely valuable I do not plan to invest in it at the moment;

  • Overall feedback was positive, but that was it. There was no active interest by niche experts / influencers, nor referrals from happy visitors. It is easy to work on a project when you see it makes an impact on someone’s life;

  • The path for profitability is long. I’d rather try to sell a $100 service for 10 clients than bring + 1 million page views to a website (personal choice).

Of course, my main objective was to learn how to ship ideas faster by setting a strict deadline. In this regard, I consider this project and my delivery successful.

PS: I wrote about a post about the project here (, and you're interested in following the challenge you can subscribe to my personal newsletter here (

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