March 29, 2020

Got 40+ likes on Facebook using 13euro advertising

Ruben @Ruben88

Just started experimenting with an ad for on Facebook for the Shopify audience.
The results have been amazing!

Till now I have spent only 13euro and got a tremendous amount of likes (41). No signups yet, but guess these will come.

Never have I seen such an amount of interest in my ads. Guess people think the product is interesting.

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    Hey Ruben, what objective are you using? Don't want to ruin your happiness, but if you are using the engagement objective or (even worst) boosting a post, those likes 99% of the time are useless. Make sure to use the conversion objective!

    1. 1

      Hej. Think that I'm using traffic objective. Hmm that is interesting! Will look into this. Thanks!

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    Why are you using the traffic objective? Facebook is really good at finding users for what you ask it to, if you want signups you should have that as your conversion event.