August 7, 2020

Launching a product I spent far too long building

Pip @pips

First milestone. Finally gearing up to launch - a platform to make collecting design feedback super easy, on both live websites and static design files.

I work with Webflow a LOT and I wanted a way for my clients to easily provide their design feedback without sending emails full of text.

I was unimpressed with existing competitors out there (either pricing, UX/UI, roadmaps and/or functionality), so I started working on Bolt about 6 months ago. It has been slow progress juggling my full-time work and building Bolt - I've broken a lot of MVP rules...

I'm now gearing up to launch a closed-beta of Bolt before going fully public. I've had a few testers try out the functionality and squash bugs, but I have a mailing list of about 130 people interested in joining an early access beta, so I plan to launch for them first.

Bolt helps you build better products by enabling you to easily collect design feedback from team members, users and project stakeholders on your live websites or design files, with one click.

I've built public/private boards. Multi-image/page boards. URL/image uploading and I'm also working on some great integrations. It's also a really clean and simple UI.

I have no idea if anyone reads these updates but I hope to share more soon :).

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