April 4, 2020

Got 6 paid Clients

Ali Husnain Arshad @alihusnainarshad

I'm still offering my Managed WordPress hosting to my Upwork and Fiverr clients. Now I'm getting almost 80$/month. Hope to get more clients Soon. I am still Using Woocommerce + Paypal and Stripe for Billing.
Hard part to start a managed hosting system to create user panel where they can control the services.

Today's Top Milestones
  • Leaving a 5-figure salary to work on Embarque
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  • We're on producthunt
    If you're a freelancers or an indie hacker looking for a tool to make your life easier when it comes to client managing and accepting payments or just
  • 82 sign-ups on waitlist and launch count down
    VenturesList 2.0 is designed to help early-stage founders discover, learn, and execute the first-round investment. Do you know why your startup is str