September 16, 2020

Team Lead 101: The Firth Month of the Book Sales

Dmitry Shvetsov @iamdi

📊 Stats for the first month of the book sales, August 6 - September 6.

  • 2 sales

One $18 sale on the launch date (with 50% discount) and one $28 sale by one of the affiliates in late August.

Since inception:

  • Total sales 11
  • Total revenue $156

💡 What was my plan for generating sales and traffic?

#1 To use #IndieHackers hashtag on twitter in hope that it would be retweeted by Indie Hackers.

#2 Ask for support from all my friends and spread the news about the book release on Twitter and Linkedin.

#3. Find as many people as possible willing to distribute the affiliate link on the release day and after.

#4 Send the team version of the book to companies that I know (took lessons, follow on twitter, or subscribed to their mailing list) with a a sincere "ThankThank you!". They might spread the word. Note, I did not plan to explicitly ask to spread the word about the book.

Here is the launch tweet

And the LinkedIn post

🤦‍♂️ As it turns out it was a horribly weak plan.

#1 Not all messages with #IndieHackers are retweeted.

The idea with the hashtag did not work at all. Although someone added me into his indihackers list on Twitter.

What could I do instead:

  • I might ask for support here in before the launch and find out how many people will be kind to help me.
  • I had to make sure that all messages with a hashtag are anticipated. Don't be naive.
  • Talk more about how I'm writing this book to find interested people in the community.

#2 Here I failed even more. A few unsuccessful first contacts and I got discouraged to ask someone to do it on purpose.

Now it is obvious to me what weakness I have spent here. However, I still find it uncomfortable to imagine how, without giving anything, I ask my friends to distribute my book.

#3 People were not interested in monetary rewards for distributing the Book of a person that they do not know.

Even the 58% ($8.12) reward from a sale didn't help here.

Again, I didn't get the courage to make a post on this site with a proposal to participate in affiliated companies.

But I found 2 people that know me and agreed to share an affiliate link. These two people have very liked the book. As mentioned earlier one sale was generated with there help. Yay!

#4 I sent four books to four companies (Ukeess, Arkency, Thoughtbot, Jerry Inc.) and only got two replies with "Thank You" and one with "We liked the book"

Overall good result for my ego and a bad result in terms of sales. No one decided to spread the word.

Perhaps I should have asked explicitly. Again naive thinking.


Mediocre efforts = mediocre results. The lesson learned.

⚠️ PS: send me a DM on twitter or email me at <helloiamd at gmail dot com> if you are interested to get a discounted copy of the book and become an affiliate.

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