December 2, 2019

First REAL user feedback

James Reilly @JamesReilly

I talked about my first potential lost sale a couple of days ago and then a day later I get a new Drift message from another user asking whether my app can perform certain admin features for maintaining a library of tech books for their organisation.

I started publicising Bookly on sites today and definitely hit that feeling of impending doom that lots of founders get when they hit the launch button (will anyone care, what if I get slammed, etc). At those times it's kind of reassuring to remember that if one person has reached out to ask these questions then there's a chance there's more out there. I just need to get it in front of the right people.

I launched on Product Hunt today (among a few other sites) and I don't think there's anything less relaxing than frantically hitting the refresh button every 10 minutes. Time to go to bed and start all over tomorrow.

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