November 30, 2019

May have lost my 1st customer (a positive spin)

James Reilly @JamesReilly

So just over a week ago I soft-launched on the Slack store. Since then I have gotten 4 organic installs (I'll talk about that later) and potentially 1 lost customer.

I had a company from HK reach their 10 book limit on the free plan and contact me via their personal email account asking how to upgrade. I replied with self-serve instructions but got no reply. A few days later I followed up to check in on them. Again, no reply.

A few days after that I decided to log in to my Drift dashboard (I had the app installed so was expecting notifications whenever I had a customer service query). The same person had sent me an unanswered Drift message before their email, urgh!

Then today I checked my spam folder and realised the same person had also sent me an email from their work email address with the same query, what the hell! Whether or not this potential customer is not responding because of my terrible customer service or because they saw the pricing and dropped off remains to be seen.

So what's the positive spin? Well I had 4 installs and 1 customer was so adamant to upgrade they contacted me on THREE different channels. I'm not saying this is a sign of product market fit but it's promising, and gives me insight into the messaging I need to improve on the landing page prior to doing a full launch. Next week I'm planning on publicising Bookly so I'm grateful to have this feedback in time so I don't miss leads like this.

4 installs in a week overall isn't great but I'm guessing its not very discoverable right now unless users are specifically searching keywords like "library" (even then, it could be better). One of the luxuries I had releasing mobile apps was having app store page metrics to see where my funnel was dropping off. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like Slack has that just yet.

Lots of work to do but excited about the possibilities.

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