January 8, 2020

Launched Bootstrap Igloo

Ruben @Ruben88

Bootstrap is awesome and I use the framework regularly for building landing pages 💪

There is recurring work in creating these pages and components of one look similar to the other. Having a repository would be of great help. There are a few of these online, however, most of them introduce additional (unneeded) styling or are of fluctuating quality 🤔.
After a while, I started to collect components (called cubes) in a repository for myself. The idea behind it was that I can use them to build faster and to be inspired by layout alternatives.

Now, I have decided to launch this repository publicly 🚀. I have published it under MIT license so they are free to use for commercial projects. Also, I have set it up as an open-source project on Github. Maybe people want to add their cubes to the repository.

I don't know if other people are interested in something like this, but hey let's give it a try. I will be happy if I can help a few people.

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