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My motivation to start this project is "freedom"

March 20, 2020 One of the paid customers made a video πŸ“Ή

One of the premium customers is Youtuber and she liked an idea to prepare a video for the project. Now I am her customer. I was really nice experience because she already know the product very well and there was no need for a detailed explanation for the video.

March 5, 2020 100% increase in paid customers πŸš€

Probably the subject looks like a clickbait but it is not πŸ˜€Almost for three months I had only 2 customers and today I got 2 new paid customers on the same day.

Email marketing was a tool for attracting new customers. Recently I was listening to a ton of podcasts about email marketing and learned a lot of tips and tricks about it. Applied it to my project and the result is really nice.

I was really demotivated because it was a long time since I didn't get a new customer. But now I am super happy and full of energy and motivation again πŸ†β€οΈ

December 16, 2019 First paid customer πŸŽ‰

Today we got our first paid customer! This is very difficult to express feelings, it is just amazing 😍

I started to be upset because there were no any sales since our launch but finally today we have our first premium user and I am fully energized again πŸš€

November 17, 2019 Launched on Product Hunt

It got 250 upvotes and finished as the 7th project of the day. I got around 100 signups and a lot of valuable feedback from users. It was the second and third project of the day in the beginning but then other stronger opponents passed. Was really sad to finish on the 7th place 😏

My motivation to start this project is "freedom"