November 20, 2019

Beta Launch

Pieter Parker @Pawka

Today is an exciting (and scary!) day for us, as we've now got Botswick beta launched on, and are actively seeking early adopters among the Indiehackers community to help validate the product out with us as we iterate on further versions of Botswick.

We know that just because we've launched our beta doesn't mean that our work is over by a long stretch. We've got a lengthy roadmap of features and improvements that we want to be doing over the upcoming months; but at some point you just have to get your work out there into the eyes of the world and start getting real feedback, otherwise you'll never really know who you're building your product for.

Finding out the answer to that question is exactly what we're doing today, and we can't wait to hear what feedback we get from the community and it's users, and collaboratively grow this product together to provide as much value to as many businesses as possible.

If Botswick sounds like a product you'd be interested in, please reach out to me at [email protected]! We're offering the software for free at this time as feedback from our customers is more valuable than any amount of revenue we could earn at this stage, so please don't hesitate to jump right on in.

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