November 20, 2019

MVP Completed

Pieter Parker @Pawka

Since Botswick started out as a small scale project within PT Studio, it took some time to get some significant momentum and resources going with it, as that's just the nature of the business when you're running an agency. We have to balance both client work and the internal product work we do, so while the first three months were more exploratory and slow going, things really started to pick up pace when we got a very basic proof of concept working that allowed for posting to Slack via webhooks.

Once this concept was realized we actually started using it in our own internal workflows to get notifications about simple things like when a user signed up for a product of our clients, or when an issue happened in one of our CI pipelines, it would go to the proper slack channel for that product and we could take action on it accordingly. The really nice thing with this was that due to the first trigger we implemented being from webhooks, integrating this within our CI was as simple as doing a curl request when we detected an error; and just like that we had error coverage and deploy notifications supported across the entirety of our organization's projects.

With the basic MVP completed and a robust CI infrastructure in place at our studio, we knew that it was time to start working on getting this production ready and into the hands of some actual users so that we could start getting some real feedback.

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